$20 Million Guaranteed Powerfest From Party Poker Is Now Here

The much awaited $20 million guaranteed Powerfest is here and will run from May 7th to may 21st. this program is going to check a total of 301 tournaments, which are likely to take place a Party Poker. It has some of the best buy-ins, starting from $5.50 and can run up to $25, 500. There is a well-structured Powerfest available for everyone, willing to take active part over here.

It does not matter how much money you have in your bankroll, as this fest is for everyone with flexible amounts. To learn more about the fest and ways to check out on its latest updates, you are requested to log online and bookmark the main Powerfestpage. That will help you to come across any changes, if taking place.

The parties have just begun:

There are so many types of freeze outs available, once you have joined hand for the Powerfest events. These are going to vary with the amount you are willing to invest for the same. In case, you have a tight budget and want to play within that limited sector, you can have that in this fest. Once you have logged online, you will come to know everything about the upcoming powerfest events.

Starting from the date to time in BST, Buy-in and even the name of the event, everything is mentioned in details around here. Each day has loads of fests under different timings. It is not just one or two, but each day has a minimum of 10 games, lined up just for the gambling lovers. The only difference lies in the type of game along with the buy-in, which the players have to play.

More on the main events:

Apart from the upcoming events, there are four different Powerfest Main Events, dated on Sunday 21st May. All these games are designed to be played at the same time, which is 19:00 BST. Those are known as Powerfest 292 $100K Gtd, Powerfest 293 $1 million Gtd, Powerfest 295 $1 million Gtd high roller and the Powerfest 296 $1 million Gdt high roller. The difference lies in the buy-ins, which can be from $55 to as high as $5,200. Well, yes, these four games are no doubt expensive, but it’s worth spending that money for the said amount available.

Time to join theparty:

In case, you are ready to be a part of this Powerfestparty, all you have to do is just right into the action. For that, you have to download the party poker in your device and start playing, following the simple guidelines, as mentioned online for you. You can even log online to get an account with the main party Poker team. For that, you have to log online and open the official URL. After that, you just have to hit the tables and that’s it.

It takes a little bit of skills and research ideas to be a part of this field and go for some big winnings. So, if you are looking for the right winning streak, then do your bit of research first.

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