PokerStars Partnered With Hippodrome Casino For PokerStars London Series

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Recently, PokerStars collaborated with the Hippodrome Casino, for launching the all-new PokerStars London series. This series is going to be launched at the Hippodrome Casino in London, which is located at the West end part of London. And this is going to take place from 2 to 5 March, 2017. And none other than the Amaya Inc. brand, which shows the accuracy of this subject, announced this newsfeed. This current PokerStars London series costs around 275 pounds and will go live in the month of March. And this gaming sensation is going to feature a guarantee, which costs around 40,000 pounds.

Other things about the series:

This PokerStars London series also comprises of 25000 starting stack. And there are four starting flights too. And among the available options, you have Saturday night turbo flight, which is likely to take place at around 8 pm. And there are going to be five new PokerStars London series brands, which are likely to come across in these upcoming months. And there is some buy-ins with that, as well, which is to be starting from 275 pounds.

Importance of poker for long:

Poker is defined to be the finest social game, which has been played for matchsticks and for pennies, as well. The main aim of PokerStars is to help in growing the game on a global platform. This series is further investing in the ways to promote poker in some of the UK’s local communities. This is no doubt a massive step, and the members of the community are sure to succeed in their mission.

And with the help of this new London series, the PokerStars will help in bringing together the most loved and promising parts of Ireland and UK poker series and the Hippodrome Classics. And these are not just going to be brought back in the scene, but will be made better for some of the poker players, residing in London or have here for a visit.

Start with new guarantees:

Recent studies have further indicated that this new schedule of the PokerStars London series comes handy with promising guarantees and some starting stacks, as well. It even comprises of some major tournaments, known for their deeper stacks and some of the longer levels, as well. These are also associated with the prolonged registration procedure, as well.

Know more about PokerStars:

Before you proceed further and wait for the final arrival of PokerStars London series, you need to know a little bit history about PokerStars first. This is mostly defined as a largest online site, on a global basis. It has been providing the best and finest poker services to the entire community, which comprises of more than 50 million registered members, right now. It was launch in the year 2001, in the month of December, and has never looked back since.

And with this new PokerStars London series, this game is going to be at another completely new level completely. There are multiple expert advices along with new feature loaded steps, available over here, right now.

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